To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time. ~Clara Ortega

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mommy dearest and I all dressed up for Sunday..Being twinners. Mom looks Gorgeous
Shelby and Brandon slaved and slaved this semester for their ward Play. The whole Family (except tanny) got to go and see the Spectacular Performance. They put so much work into the whole thing and it turned out amazing. Brandon was Joesph and he did a phenomenal job. Shelbs corregraphed all the dances and was even some of them She was (as Brandon would say) the HOTTEST one out there! We were so proud of them both and had a wonderful time watching the show.
SHelby had a cute GO GO dance (retro style) and i tried taking some pics of it but they all turned out blurry. I'm sorry.
Brandon and his awesome outfit.. Best JOesph ever... you even out beat your dad:)

This was awhile ago when we went to go visit Grandma on Sunday. It was a fun get together and oh how we love Grandma. We even got to talk to Mckay, Makana and Jaedyn for a bit. and even Jd and McCall.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

run away, ruuunnnn awwwaayyyyay!!!!!

Recently, (as in Sunday), we had to change Jaedyn's crib for a pink toddler one like the one below. It is a bear and lovely.. and I am realizing I put the feet on the wrong way. She is 15 months old on the 12th and can climb out of her crib. But not anymore! Mwwwaaahahahaha!!

The best part is that now she really can put herself to bed and when she wakes up she just plays and i think it is a great way to start the morning. I wish we could be kids forever and just start the morning playing with blocks and shapes and finding satisfaction in plastic play food.

This weekend though I realized we really have a full-fledged toddler. We still think of her as out little 6 month old. I wanted to get a picture of her. Just one. Here are my results. Tell me what you think.

yes, you are right, I spent the whole time trying to chase her and get her to turn around for me. Oh sweet girl.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Playing some football on Thanksgiving has always been a tradition!

Tanner and Cassidy putting up Christmas lights on our trees! Fun!

Jumping on the tramp and making mashed potatoes for our huge dinner at grandma's house.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Early Saturday morning we got bundled up to go out in the cold and feed the homeless families an early Thanksgiving breakfast. We got to the place at 7:30 and they were still airing it out from all the single men that had just left to go downtown. They told us there were 3 times as many families this year than usual. Alot of the children needed help caring their hot chocolate, orange juice and plate of pancakes and ham to their room. We got to help them carry the food and as a result got a look at the room where they all stay together. It was so sad to see bed after bed packed into one large room with barely enough room to walk around. Each family only gets one bed for the entire family.The children were just darling and my heart just broke for them but they were so polite and kind. It was good experience for all of us. I came home and washed up 3 nice comforters I'd promised a man and his 2 sons. He was so grateful.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lexi had to take a picture for her Solo coming up in the Orchestra Concert.

Coming back home from the feeding the Homeless, this was a great experience!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mom and cute little Ella! Ella loves mom, like always!

Lexi's costume for school, She was cloudy with a chance of RAIN!! She got people good with that one!
All of us in our costumes on Friday night!! How fun! Cass and Kelsi were Raggedy Ann... and the other one..
Parks was John Linem the Beatles dude. Lexi was a Fumble Bee

Lexi and her friends.

Lexi's reality town costume! She won first place for it!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

McCall as of October 24, 2010

"McCall is actually showing..." These are the words we hear oh too much now. McCall always ponders to herself, "I'm actually showing...?" I've been showing for 2 months now. Haha funny McCall.
This is her at a week and a half before 5 months. It seems that everyone but McCall has agreed on the name Maple for our little girl. So... we're working on it still.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I thought I would post a few things that Jaed has done lately. I got a new phone so that is why the texts have stopped... i don't have numbers in it yet. (yes, i know i got the phone months ago and yes, i still have not made time to get the numbers from McKay)

So, here is a professional, bulleted list. Because we all are aware of how professional I am at all times (yes, that is a tad on the side of a fib)
  • -Goes up all three flights of stairs.. by herself (she does everything by herself. Not because I am an out-of-touch-mom, but because she is Miss Independent with a capitol "M-I")

  • -Knows the sign for diaper, food, pray, dad, (actaully, she made up her own for Dad), and milk.
  • -Runs when it is time to change a diaper
  • -Hides in the closet all day long. We stopped cleaning in there now. Its pointless. Yes, there are clothes on the ground a lot in there. Its like a pillow top mattress now

  • -LOVES LOVES songs.

  • -Shakes her booty and head bangs
  • -Can show you her "peiko" (pronounced as pee-kho. Its hole in Hawiian and what the Limary's call one's belly button). She will lift up her shirt, point at her peiko, and make a raspberry. Go ahead and try it. Its really funny do it yourself!
  • -Climbs on everything (notice the queen of the diaper box mountain above)
  • -Plays the piano
  • -Loves shopping and gets compliments ALL DAY by strangers on how pretty she is and blah blah blah... I think it is getting to her head
  • -She loves to pull out my clothes and put them on her head

  • -Takes McKay's shoes out of the closet so she can wear them. Funny because I have been trying so hard to get those shoes to stay put and I could not figure out how they were ending up in the living room
-Has a favorite playmate named Madden. See below.

-Favorite shows: VeggieTales and Hi-5. We watch one of each almost every day and we have just three episodes of each. She is all into the music and we dance and play along so it it interactive and fun.

Jaedyn Maliana.. not the only one

Congrats to JD and McCall! Now Jaedyn will have another cousin and her first Hansen one. I know that you two will be FAB parents. So names, color of the baby room etc.. I need details :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Enjoying the last minutes of Summer

Mom and Ella.. So cute.

Having a blast on the tramp with the sprinkler underneath
We took this shot about 50 million times...

We all got some pretty cool shots of us.. which took us awhile to get.
Tanny loves his belly..

It's been awhile since we have posted.. sorry for taking so long. Here are some fun pics from the Family Reunion.
Lexi looks like she threw up the pie instead of eating it.. Brad was to cool to participate! ha
Good job Parker.. you sure got Jason good:)
Amy and Cassidy were partners in the cheerio throwing contest.

These are the non participants in the cheerio contest.. (the Judges)
You guys all look like monsters of some sort.. looks quite hilarious
Mom looking HOT at the beach in California

Here we are saying our goodbyes to Makana, Mckay and Jadeyn.. we sure will miss you guys.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

One year old!!!

Happy Birthday Jaedyn!
We can't believe that you are one years old- we sure think you are the cutest niece we've ever had and what a sweet, fun thing you are. You have wonderful parents who will be such a great example to you and think you will have the strongest relationship with them. How we miss seeing you and wish that we could spend more time with our little Jaedyn.. but you can blame your parents for that... ha ha. Well we love you and know that your parents spoiled you. We love you and Happy Birthday! 


Well we just wanted to let everyone know that Cassidy finished a half marathon and didn't die, but was close too dying. I can't believe Cassidy did a half marathon especially when we were in high school I had to beg her to come running with me... and sometimes she would just end up biking along side of me. But according to her the run was very intense and was mostly uphill and could be compared to running up Timp. Anyway, we wanted to congratulate her and if she has any more information or pictures we would love for her to post! GOOD JOB BUTCH!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I forgot the chickens

I can picture this in my house. But HANSEN, not JONES. Although, it could be a great conversation starter. Now, I only need to find the letters in nature. I have no idea.... I hope it will go with my chicken. (scroll down)
I know, blog vomit. But really, you have to admit these are cute. And I want them

Makana: Did you see my new post?
McKay: Hold on,... (typing, looking, waiting, page loading.... ok, scrolling down now, down, down)
.....pause... you want a chicken? You really think that is cute? Who would want a chicken?
Makana: Ha! The question is Who WOULDN'T want that chicken. (and I think to myself, do not fret hubby, one day you will come home and there will be my chicken. )

Ode to candy apples, the ocean and chickens

Jaedyn and her new swimsuit and her cute bum. She ran for the ocean, and didn't stop. Even when the waves were over her. She thought this was the best thing, getting soaked and not breathing. Strange kid. Whose is she anyhow?
One of many times she sits and lets the little ocean waves wash over. She lets water get her but bring her close to a little dog or a cat its like she is going to melt away. Love the hat.
Oh look! What a good looking momma! This was, obviously, just moments after she had been submerged... yet again. Notice the hair plastered to her forehead and the look of contentment?
Since there has not been a post on here all month.. i thought I would post a few dreams of mine slash things-i-love. If you follow our blog, you have seen some of these already. When we start eating sweets I am SO making these apple bites and what a great idea for gifts. My favs are the vintage tags on the jars.
I think one of these is staring me down.. creepy, and yet oddly cool and awesome.