To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time. ~Clara Ortega

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I forgot the chickens

I can picture this in my house. But HANSEN, not JONES. Although, it could be a great conversation starter. Now, I only need to find the letters in nature. I have no idea.... I hope it will go with my chicken. (scroll down)
I know, blog vomit. But really, you have to admit these are cute. And I want them

Makana: Did you see my new post?
McKay: Hold on,... (typing, looking, waiting, page loading.... ok, scrolling down now, down, down)
.....pause... you want a chicken? You really think that is cute? Who would want a chicken?
Makana: Ha! The question is Who WOULDN'T want that chicken. (and I think to myself, do not fret hubby, one day you will come home and there will be my chicken. )

Ode to candy apples, the ocean and chickens

Jaedyn and her new swimsuit and her cute bum. She ran for the ocean, and didn't stop. Even when the waves were over her. She thought this was the best thing, getting soaked and not breathing. Strange kid. Whose is she anyhow?
One of many times she sits and lets the little ocean waves wash over. She lets water get her but bring her close to a little dog or a cat its like she is going to melt away. Love the hat.
Oh look! What a good looking momma! This was, obviously, just moments after she had been submerged... yet again. Notice the hair plastered to her forehead and the look of contentment?
Since there has not been a post on here all month.. i thought I would post a few dreams of mine slash things-i-love. If you follow our blog, you have seen some of these already. When we start eating sweets I am SO making these apple bites and what a great idea for gifts. My favs are the vintage tags on the jars.
I think one of these is staring me down.. creepy, and yet oddly cool and awesome.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The 4th picture and we still couldn't get people out of the picture, to let Lexi have her own picture! But JD still managed to poke his head in...
C is for Cassidy that's good enough for me, OH C is for Cassidy that's good enough for me... CASSIDY CASSIDY Starts with C! oh yea!

A picture of a picture of us girls going on Splash Mountain!
Saying goodbye to JD and McCall! So sad:( We're going to miss you!
Every time we would ask somebody to take a picture, their reply would be "Of Course!" but when they realized how many there were it changed to... "WHOAH!!!"
We were so hot Cassidy wants to drink the gas! and SHelby wants to throw up!
We still love Dumbo!! We were all annoying and each took our own dumbo everyone else in line had a little kid to take.
The newly wedded pregnant couple! Gorgeous McCall and flubbery JD with chicken legs... :D just kidding we still know you have your six pack!
They boys always competing.. this time they were seeing who could last the longest without getting water in. When one turned their back the other would knock down part of their wall or fill it with water. Not naming any names though.. For the rest of us it was quite the show!
The cutest three out of the family!
What a croc?!
Ew what is that thing coming out of the sand by parker's head??? wait it's my hand! Parker was sitting up and they buried him.
Lexi had too much to drink she's still saying, "One more for the road!"
What are we spelling? WE are spelling Hansen's!
Our last day at Disneyland! We can't believe it's already over!

The train to Indian Jones ride with the two caboose heads!
Just starting off our Vacation.. Kelsi is already missing Brett!