To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time. ~Clara Ortega

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Shelby made a cute shirt from 2 tshirts so I had to try it with this pink shirt. Now you have to show your shirt Shelb on your blog. You inspired me to start sewing again.
Ok this was a tshirt that I was sick of and it was ugly and I was going to give it to DI so I cut it down the middle and since it was a long tshirt I was able to cut off the bottom and make a ruffle and small flower and string at the top. Now I like this jacket
This was a plain black tshirt. I added a double ruffle and a big flower and then put 2 pearl buttons in the middle of the ruffle. It looks better in real life just so you know.
This again another ugle tshirt that I cut in the middle then used Parkers old tshirt about the same color to make the ruffle and flowers on the side and necklace.
Last for now another ruffled tshirt like Shelbs with the flowers and then I had an old scarf I sewed and gathered up to make a ruffled scarf. OK thats it but thats what I've been up to so I thought I'd share. Now Kels show all your new crafts you've been doing with your friend.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tanners special day. He went through the temple. He's not a little boy anymore.
Everyone was so jealous but little did they know they are my sisters
Anyone for a spider? They look delicious
Our Halloween dinner after the temple with Tanner.

Ew fingers cut off I think I threw up...
No wait the pumpkin beat me to it!
Who gets the first bite? I think Daniels going to eat Dax instead of the cupcake I think Dax wants the first bite.
If I'd known they made Harry Potter movie obscene I wouldn't have dressed up like them
Our engagement pictures!
You looking at me?
Calm down Lex you're a crazy driver

Sunday, October 31, 2010

What Beautiful pictures these are! Mother took pictures of all of us here at home. She couldn't resist our beauty and just had to take some model shots of all of us. Aren't we all soooo cute? First we have our wonderful sister, Shae. What a cutie pie she is! (: Such a sweet heart.

Second, Here is Kelsi in her stunning blue dress. She is gorgeous, especially with that attractive smile of hers!

Thirdly, here is Tanner, about ready to go on his mission! Look at that fantastic smile of his! What a cute kid.

Fourthly, we have Lexi! She just loves swingin in that tire swing!

Lastly we have Parker. Such a handsome man, especially with that spiky due he has!

Well, that's it folks! And there you have it! The 5 gorgeous Hansen kids... but what about the mom you say? Well, she's the most fair of them all! Let's see here.. where is a picture! OOOHH! Found one! ..... drum roll please!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

with my loved ones
what a wonderful treat
the Alamo and a long walk along the river front ,
the Hansen family talked as we walked and walked and walked a a n n d d w a l k e d
a building only paper thin, dinner with musicians ... ahh but not so melodic when they ask for a tip
and thank goodness for trolleys. we hoped it would come
running superheros with beer bottle in hand helped to entertain us till the blue trolley came
money for a drug deal,( I mean reduced fare to 6 flags It wasn't illegal it was helping us both out)
merry go round, roller coaster, merry go round again and again then off to the water park to cool ourselves down
Jaedyn swirled and twirled,then topsytwervied down, obeying the rules who cares that she might drown
she even learned to go potty but just a minute to late
River rafting made fun as we disobeyed rules, water a gushing we didn't want to get wet.Cassidy moving....moving... moving... all around the tube she thought she'd made it then splash!!! she was right back where she'd started and was totally drenched.
(the funniest part of the trip I might add)
Mckay chasing Jaedyn and playing in the water did my heart good to see a dad so devoted
Humidity, heat couldn't keep us from fun, thank goodness for water bottles grandma drank a ton
A day of of rest or so thats what they say as we traveled to a Cathedral, a Japanese tea garden and a monastery
We were welcomed so kindly as we visited a new ward
A boy played peek a boo with Jaed trying to snatch her pig or horse twas in vain
She had eyes in the back of her head, he'd drop it when he heard her dreadful scream
breakfast for dinner a Texas waffle at that !
learning what were truths and lies oh Makana got me good
splashing in water, jumping in water, watching Jaedyns dress grow in water, funny funny Jaedyn walking right through a geyser of water
market streets, the small palace we dutifully found and then off to find the temple grounds.
a hike up a mountain? (thats what they called it in Texas,) the time just flew
Makana always cheerful, giving up her seat, helping, never complaining what a jewel to our family
We were treated like royalty chauffeured from site to site
fed and given treats
what a wonderful delight

A fabulous memory to keep forever in my heart.


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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family: Isn't It About Time?

It was that time of year again. The second week of August brings forth the Madsen Family Reunion. This year we were lucky enough to have the reunion up in Heber at a church owned sight.

When we got there we headed to the ropes course. We didn't get any pictures of it, but we swung on ropes, balanced on wires, and went on a high swing. The swing was admittedly the best part, and although I was a bit chicken at first to go on it since it looked a little high, I braved my fears and swung. The same cannot be said for everyone in our family.

After the rope swing we went to the campsite where the oldest grandkids talked about grandpa. We all loved this part, as it was a great opportunity to reflect on the man that grandpa was. What amazing people grandma and grandpa madsen are.

Later that day we headed to the lake to do some canoeing and paddle boating. The lady in charge of paddle boats told me no teenagers could ride and dejected I started to walk away. Then I rembembered, I'm 20! There's no teen in that. What a wonderful discovery. In the paddle boat I was joined by Cassidy and Mom. Cassidy was against all three of us getting in the same boat since one of us wouldn't get to paddle. Once realization sunk in of the circumstances surrounding that statement, she was quick to volunteer herself for nonpaddling duties. Lazy, smart bum.

Everyone else in the family was in canoes. We witnessed a race in which Parker tried to row so fast he succeeded in getting his parter, Tanner, thoroughly soaked. Somebody should probably teach him how to row. Until then you've been warned to not get in the canoe with him. After we played some horseshoes and Brandon showed us all why he is the king of horseshoes, destroying all competition.

Look at her just basking in the sun

We had a fun-filled day with all the family and after bidding fond goodbyes we were on our way, squishing four people in the backseat. I volunteered to drive both ways so I successfully avoided that. While driving down the twisty mountain we discovered Brandon and Shelby were in front of us. Being the strange people they are they thought if they stuck their arms out the window, their car would take flight. Sad to say they failed. But we all rewarded them with their efforts by stopping at Granny's for some shakes. Boy was the place little, and packed. A sure sign of.. something I'm sure. We opted to eat outside to avoid the crowds. Mom investigated the house for us and provided a thorough description of the condition of the bathroom. Suffice it to say, I don't believe the workers there are properly trained in cleaning bathrooms.

And one amusing story before I go, to tide you over till the next time someone posts. I came home from Vegas two Sundays ago and was a bit out of it (Shelby can confirm to that). While grabbing a snack I saw a small mound of bubbles forming under the dishwasher. I chose to ignore it. After all, I had nothing to do with it and I was tired, plus I figured the solution would resolve itself. However, on returning for another snack (I was a bit naseous from the bus and airplane ride ok) I discovered the mounds were becoming bigger. This time I dutifully sounded the alarm by telling mom there were bubbles. She didn't believe me at first, but finally came to see for herself. We turned off the dishwasher and decided Tanner must be the culprit. Tanner came upstairs and pointed out what he had put in the dishwasher, which was the liquid dishwashing soap, not dishwasher soap. Because of that our dishwasher was now full of bubbles and Tanner was the lucky one who got to clean it out. We tried to muffle our laughter for Tanner's pride's sake, but sometimes it would escape and we'd get bubbles to the face for our carelessness. Some people are just so touchy.

Trying to force Tanner to get in the picture

Also one more random thing. It was recently Daniel's picture so here are a few pictures from that. Also happy birthday to Makana! I hope it was a wonderful day.

Cute newlyweds!