To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time. ~Clara Ortega

Saturday, September 11, 2010

with my loved ones
what a wonderful treat
the Alamo and a long walk along the river front ,
the Hansen family talked as we walked and walked and walked a a n n d d w a l k e d
a building only paper thin, dinner with musicians ... ahh but not so melodic when they ask for a tip
and thank goodness for trolleys. we hoped it would come
running superheros with beer bottle in hand helped to entertain us till the blue trolley came
money for a drug deal,( I mean reduced fare to 6 flags It wasn't illegal it was helping us both out)
merry go round, roller coaster, merry go round again and again then off to the water park to cool ourselves down
Jaedyn swirled and twirled,then topsytwervied down, obeying the rules who cares that she might drown
she even learned to go potty but just a minute to late
River rafting made fun as we disobeyed rules, water a gushing we didn't want to get wet.Cassidy moving....moving... moving... all around the tube she thought she'd made it then splash!!! she was right back where she'd started and was totally drenched.
(the funniest part of the trip I might add)
Mckay chasing Jaedyn and playing in the water did my heart good to see a dad so devoted
Humidity, heat couldn't keep us from fun, thank goodness for water bottles grandma drank a ton
A day of of rest or so thats what they say as we traveled to a Cathedral, a Japanese tea garden and a monastery
We were welcomed so kindly as we visited a new ward
A boy played peek a boo with Jaed trying to snatch her pig or horse twas in vain
She had eyes in the back of her head, he'd drop it when he heard her dreadful scream
breakfast for dinner a Texas waffle at that !
learning what were truths and lies oh Makana got me good
splashing in water, jumping in water, watching Jaedyns dress grow in water, funny funny Jaedyn walking right through a geyser of water
market streets, the small palace we dutifully found and then off to find the temple grounds.
a hike up a mountain? (thats what they called it in Texas,) the time just flew
Makana always cheerful, giving up her seat, helping, never complaining what a jewel to our family
We were treated like royalty chauffeured from site to site
fed and given treats
what a wonderful delight

A fabulous memory to keep forever in my heart.


Kelsi Hansen said...

Again the poem is fantastic mom. And I love the pictures. What a fun trip that was.

Shelby said...

Cute poem mom, you are always so good at making things sound so good... must have inherited that from Grandpa :) I love the pics and it must have been fun tyring to get those drugs haha

Brandon Osmond said...

Man we missed out! That sounds so fun and you put it all together so well. Thanks for sharing.