To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time. ~Clara Ortega

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Creative Parker and pretty Belle

I happened to glance out my bedroom window when Parks was mowing and saw him zigzagging around with the lawnmower. Then I realized what he was doing and ran down to get a picture. It made me laugh out loud. He doesn't like to do things in the normal fashion. Dad was a little... ok a lot mad but Park definitely thinks outside the box.

Forgot to show you Parks getting iced down in Texas for his bad sunburn

Jaedyn found a pretty butterfly but sadly didn't realize that squishing it would make it stop flying.

I don't know why but this picture above of Jaedyns face just makes me laugh.

I took many pictures of Jaedyn in her Belle dress.
I mean how often do you give a gift that a person really really likes. It makes it much more fun
Jaedyn you are adorable.
Love the curly locks!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break to Texas

Another trip to Texas A Spring break delight
but 60mph winds almost kept that dream from our sights
Delicious enchiladas awaited our arrival however
as well as kinect and beautiful spring weather

A trip to the beach waves were crashing that day
But would an overcast day crush Lexi's goal for a tan as she played?
No worries we swam, sunbathed and baked in the sun
but too Parker's horror upon our arrival home from the fun
He'd turned into the biggest red lobster he hopes it will fade
A night of ticket to ride and Rupenzel while grandma snuggled with Jaed

Playing tennis, with home court advantage Mckay won
Swimming while trying to hide from the sun
A light display, pizza, football and running up and down hills
A light car only Mckay wanted to see for the thrill
"I want to see the light car right now"not letting us say no
He stomped right over took a glance and said Ok, now we can go"

Easter morning we found baskets outside our bedroom doors that
were filled with candy, bracelets and even a Texas Longhorn hat.
Mckay sang with the choir a spiratual feast.
Then and added treat to hear him of the Savior teach.
How blessed and how lucky their ward is to have them
Dinner with kind family and friends and to see the temple

Another delicious omelet and yummy fruit, we were off to see Mckay at work.
Oh wait, another bath for Jaedyn...yea, her potty skills she has shirked
Next stop the airport, the time went by too fast I cannot lie
But Jaedyn a delight all weekend decided to show us her other side
poor Terrance was spit on not once or twice
try 50 times at least no matter the threat to be nice.

Ahh the weather was perfect and the people even better
Goodby Lucky, Terrance and Grandma Princess Jaedyn cried and wailed
(she was tired but we pretended she really did care)

We are almost Celestialized spirits you can see right through us. Can you see the tree and temple?

I forgot my camera at the beach so you'll have to see the pictures I took through Makana

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shortest blog ever

I saw this and was grateful for the reminder of what our prophet asked us to do 30 things that President Monson

Friday, April 8, 2011

Being prepared and loving flowers and ruffles

Conference weekend reminds me to change our water and to change food in the 72 hr kits. Lex, Parks and I had fun doing it. I'm glad I saved the rain coats from Niagra Falls. They're not heavy but prevent water from drenching you. There are so many things you can get at all a dollar now that can go in your kit. For instance a package of 8 small kleenex packages. Yes 8 just for a dollar. I put them in the kids bags for toilet paper. Hey you never know if your going to have a place to go let alone the tp.

I love love love ruffles and my scripture bag was well not very pretty ok it was ugly so I found this shirt that no one wanted and made my bag. Then the hood of the shirt I took off and made a reversible bag. The only thing I did was sew up one side and make the flower. I do need to make handles. I knew there was a reason I kept that shirt that Daniel made Cassidy put in the DI pile because no wife of his would ever wear something with such far out colors. J/K of course Daniel would never say something like that he is much too nice but he did tell her to give it up.Also.,..

So I saw Shelby's flower necklace at her house a few weeks ago and then saw the one Elizabeth won and decided to try my hand at it but was waiting for Shelby to post so I could copy. Yea I'm good at that. Wish I was good at inventing but my brain never does that. Of course there were too many fun colors to choose from in my scrap of fabrics so I made 3 actually 4 I made one like Elizabeths just need to find the red beads.Thanks Shelby

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Have you had a good laugh lately? Well maybe you're not related to me then.

I went to lunch yesterday with my brothers and sisters for my mom's birthday. I told them about Tanners laughing attack while on the stand at a meeting for all the missionaries at the MTC. A man fell over on his chair and Tanner thought it was because he fell asleep.(The chair actually fell into a crack.) He couldn't stop laughing the rest of the meeting no matter how hard he tried. He would stop for a minute only to have a loud laugh burst out of him a few minutes later. That begin a laughing story telling session with my siblings.
......... Larry told about going to a ward conference when he was a counselor in the stake presidency and Kyle his son was passing the sacrament. Kyle's feet were huge at that time almost the size they'd end up being when he reached his 6' 6 size although at the time he was still a short 12 year old. Kyle passed the sacrament to those on the stand. The stake president noticing these HUGE shoes leaned over to Larry and said I hope he doesn't trip over those things. That started the 2 of them laughing the rest of the meeting
........ Then my mom told a story about grandpa when he was in the Bishopric and was good friends with the Stake President. Each time the Stake President would come to visit he'd lean over to dad and whisper something funny in his ear and grandpa would have to control his laughter in front of the congregation while the Stake President didn't crack a smile.
.........The funniest story was Harold's. The stake was visiting his ward one Sunday and the president was in one chair, Harold's counselor in the next chair then Harold as Bishop was in the last chair. The counselor was conducting. After conducting he was backing up to his chair holding open a big black book with no hands to push down his chair. Harold immediately reached over to to put the seat down for him. The Stake President on the other side reached over to do the same. Each of them saw the other doing it so they both let go of the chair at the same time thinking the other would hold it down. Just as the chair went back up the counselor sat down only he just kept going since there was no chair to catch him. He looked over at Harold as he was going down like What the heck? Why did you do this to me? That got all of us at the table laughing so hard we were crying and couldn't eat our lunch.
Tanner you're in good company in this family.