To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time. ~Clara Ortega

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Have you had a good laugh lately? Well maybe you're not related to me then.

I went to lunch yesterday with my brothers and sisters for my mom's birthday. I told them about Tanners laughing attack while on the stand at a meeting for all the missionaries at the MTC. A man fell over on his chair and Tanner thought it was because he fell asleep.(The chair actually fell into a crack.) He couldn't stop laughing the rest of the meeting no matter how hard he tried. He would stop for a minute only to have a loud laugh burst out of him a few minutes later. That begin a laughing story telling session with my siblings.
......... Larry told about going to a ward conference when he was a counselor in the stake presidency and Kyle his son was passing the sacrament. Kyle's feet were huge at that time almost the size they'd end up being when he reached his 6' 6 size although at the time he was still a short 12 year old. Kyle passed the sacrament to those on the stand. The stake president noticing these HUGE shoes leaned over to Larry and said I hope he doesn't trip over those things. That started the 2 of them laughing the rest of the meeting
........ Then my mom told a story about grandpa when he was in the Bishopric and was good friends with the Stake President. Each time the Stake President would come to visit he'd lean over to dad and whisper something funny in his ear and grandpa would have to control his laughter in front of the congregation while the Stake President didn't crack a smile.
.........The funniest story was Harold's. The stake was visiting his ward one Sunday and the president was in one chair, Harold's counselor in the next chair then Harold as Bishop was in the last chair. The counselor was conducting. After conducting he was backing up to his chair holding open a big black book with no hands to push down his chair. Harold immediately reached over to to put the seat down for him. The Stake President on the other side reached over to do the same. Each of them saw the other doing it so they both let go of the chair at the same time thinking the other would hold it down. Just as the chair went back up the counselor sat down only he just kept going since there was no chair to catch him. He looked over at Harold as he was going down like What the heck? Why did you do this to me? That got all of us at the table laughing so hard we were crying and couldn't eat our lunch.
Tanner you're in good company in this family.


marcia said...

Deb said Tanner got it from her because she has the same problem. But nope I'm afraid he got the genes from me or maybe both of us. Either way it can be embarrassing.

the momma-kana said...

Ok.. I was just DYING at the last story!

Shelby&BrandonOsmond said...

I was laughing pretty hard that last story was so funny! It was good to see you guys too today. So fun to have a chance to come up!

Kelsi Hansen said...

That last story was a hoot! Well actually all of them were. But I would love to see that happen to someone else.

Tina said...

OK, you guys have way too much fun when you are together!!! I miss you all so much. You are going to have a blast at the family reunion being together and sharing more funny, crazy stories!! Love you!

McKay said...

What is it about situations where not being able to laugh just makes us want to laugh all the more. I had a thought of a former experience with a friend during priesthood conference and had to keep my laughter in for the next several minutes.