To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time. ~Clara Ortega

Friday, August 19, 2011

Farewell to bounciness

I would like to say a few words. That trampoline has been through so much. It's been through fire crackers exploding on it, 11 people sitting on it, people heads getting stuck in the bars, wet summer days, and its bar have made some peoples teeth almost fall out. It has laughed at those we fall off, or try to jump on a ball and miss. We've had that tramp for about 14 years, that is a long life for a tramp. Farewell to bounciness. Anyway, the way he died was because of Lexi's friends at the party. I'm just kidding it wasn't there fault, I just like to say it's there fault. The party was fun especially for the people inside. We just starred at the party, through the window. People probably thought we were weird. Lexi had a blast at the party. The boys played basketball while the girls talked. They also played fugitive in the neighborhood. And the presents. Well lets just say some people don't know Lexi that well, because she mostly got candy which she can't eat. But I don't care more for me. Jaedyn wanted to be a fighter one day, so she got my sword and started chasing the chickens around. She yelled at them, "Die, Die." I think these toys made her start being a fighter. But that phase didn't last long pretty soon she was back to being a princess.

Farewell to bouncyness

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mama Kana's Birthday

Well, as much of you know our dear family from Texas surprised us by coming to our house a week early. (except McKay) Robbie also is staying with us and it is fun to get to know him. This week was fun and marvelous. With Jaedyn speaking and all, it makes the visit even better. She is such a polite and fun child always saying please and thank you. She was much more fun than last time she came to Utah. Her and I go play outside in the "jungle" every day. She loves the chickens and the fish. Makana and Jaedyn loved the cool morning air. Jaedyn always says surprised, "It's cold?" Swimming is great when it is hot, so we decided to go to the Osmond's and swim. Daxton has grown up so much, and the person he started to love was his grandma. He never wants to leave her. I wouldn't blame him, because she is a grandma who spoils. This week we have watched a lot of movies. Like Spider Man, Soul Surfer, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. We have also watched our share of Princess movies, because Jaedyn likes to watch them every day. Good thing I had the Texans around or I would be bored out of my mind (with no friends and all.) Fishing is a great thing, fishing with buckets is even better. I have almost caught frogs and snakes at the ponds. My best catch I got was a fish about 3 inches big. I think I will call him Dopey. Every time I walk over and stoop over the ponds, he decides to jump out on to the ground and flop around. Yes, he is a strange fish.But the best part of the week was celebrating Makana's Birthday. We gave her breakfast in bed, and for lunch we surprised her by going to a lunch with her friends. We also got to have a nice dinner out in the back yard, it was all vegetables. Dad might have not liked it, but Makana loved it. It is to bad that I wasn't a writer of blogs when the Kentuckians were here. I could have made more blogs about them and the Sweet Ms. Lydia.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chickens and beautiful gardens

So we haven't shown you some pictures of our chickens for a couple months. They have gotten big, annoying, and very picky. Not to mention they poop all over our stairs. Dixie is one of the most annoying, we get at least 20 visits from her a day at the window. I think she's thinking, "Please sir, I want some more." I personally have gotten sick of her so I throw her off if I ever see her on the steps. But with out fail she comes back again in 2 seconds, even though her food bowl is all the way full. Now if she's on the steps I look at her and she runs away scared. I love it. But one benefit they have given us in this past month is eggs. Yes, I said it eggs. We have finally gotten those wonderful, large, blue eggs. Well not quite. They are small, and a brownish color. We got ripped off. We won the Jackpot though, Dixie laid a twin egg. I bet you've never seen one of those before.
So have you seen my marvelous garden, it was grown by me. I grew them by seed and now the corn is as tall as my nose. An my tomatoes are huge. Go me! Yes I know I am such a bragger. So next time you want your garden huge call Mr. Green Thumb over here. And we didn't start planting till July. OH NO! MY HAIR IS GONE!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Justin Beiber?

So here are the pictures of Parks I promised. And a disclaimer. Parks wasn't trying to grow out his hair to look like Justin. I just didn't fit it into my schedule to cut his hair whenever he asked. Then last week I was looking at him and thought.... he's looking a little like Beiber so I better cut his hair. Although thankfully his hair didn't ever get near as long to have it be a good look-alike.